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    Take a look at what others have to say about us:

    125 Etowah Center Drive Etowah, NC Ph: 828-388-0635 Call Today!

    Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim
    President: Korean Hapkido Federation
    Republic of Korea Marine Commando

    Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim

    “I give you my personal assurance that Grand Master Darren Norris of Hendersonville, North Carolina is one of the finest instructors in the country.

    He is a teacher who will work hard to ensure that your family will benefit from learning martial arts. No matter what your age is this school can help you improve your life physically, mentally and give you better confidence and success.

    His program teaches all aspects of traditional training just like we teach in Korea, from self-defense, weapons and philosophy. I invite you to visit his school to see for yourself.”


    Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim



    Jason “Phenom” Sterling
    World Champion Kickboxer
    Star of the movie “Black Salt”

    Jason “Phenom” Sterling

    “After having met and worked with Grand Master Darren Norris at the Action Radio Network & World Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame I am glad to recommend his school to anyone who wants to learn authentic martial arts.

    As a professional full-contact fighter I can tell you that what he teaches is very effective. If you are looking for real world self-defense training with a true Grand Master certified by the World Headquarters in Korea then your search is over. I hope that you will take the time to try a class and begin your journey in the martial arts. The best time to start anything is today!”

    To your success,

    Jason “Phenom” Sterling





    Richard Hackworth, PhD, LAc, CPT
    International Director: Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association
    Host: World Martial Arts Radio and TV Show
    Editor: World Martial Arts Magazine

    Grand Master Richard Hackworth

    “As the Host of the World Martial Arts TV Show I have met and trained with a lot of martial arts instructors.

    Grand Master Darren Norris is one of those Masters whose skills are only matched by his humility and how much he cares for his students. I first met Grand Master Norris nearly twenty years ago when he was one of the first Americans to ever attend the Hapkido Masters Training Course conducted by the World Headquarters.

    It is a great privelege to work with him. On the occassions when I have visited his school I saw that his students ability reflect the skills of a great teacher. ”

    Best Regards,

    Richard Hackworth, PhD, LAc, CPT



    Master Sophie Song

    Master Sophie Song, Actress, Model, Singer

    Master Sophie Song

    “As a professional martial artist and star of more than fifty Hong Kong action films, I have worked closely with martial arts icons like Jet Lee and Jackie Chan.

    Grand Master Darren Norris’ skill and teaching reminds me of that level of world class martial arts ability.

    I highly recommend his school to anyone who wants to learn effective martial arts skills.

    Please take the time to give them a call to get started. You will be glad that you did!”

    Master Sophie Song
    Actress, Model, Singer, Martial Artist
    Columnist: World Martial Arts Magazine




    TangSooDo Master Fred Parks

    Grand Master Fred Parks, Host of the World Martial Arts Radio and TV Show

    Grand Master Fred Parks
    “Being a host for the World Martial Arts TV Show allows me to meet hundreds of instructors and school owners each year.

    Aikido Hapkido of Hendersonville owned by Grand Master Darren Norris is one of the best schools I have ever seen.

    They teach traditional martial arts that are build on character traits like courtesy, discipline and respect.

    It is the kind of school that I would want my daughters and family to attend.”

    Master Fred Parks
    US Representative: Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society
    Host: World Martial Arts TV Show, World Martial Arts Radio Show
    World Martial Arts Media
    Columnist: World Martial Arts Magazine




    martial arts school hendersonville students

    Families love our programs at Aikido and Hapkido of Hendersonville


    “My child Izabelle attends martial arts training at The Traditional Martial Arts Center in the Kids With Kick program. When we enrolled her I hoped she would gain a little more confidence in herself. Not only have we noticed her confidence is up but she looks forward to attending class.

    I myself have taken several martial arts over the years, but have never met instructors with the patience and ability to mentor as well as Master Darren Norris and Master Travis Ginn. I consider The Traditional Martial Arts Center, Aikido Hapkido of Hendersonville and Ho Sin Sool Dojang to be assets to our community.”

    Thank You,



    hendersonville martial arts student

    Our Fun Classes are Kid Friendly and Mom Approved!


    “Kids with Kick has given my son a balance point to all the craziness of the 6 year old boy’s world. Between Bakugan, nerf wars and the ever shifting peer/pal rule book, the skills taught him by Master Norris and Master Ginn give him center, the choice to be self controlled and a sense of belonging that really is rare in our world today.

    This isn’t just a school, this is a family and I feel fortunate to watch not only my child, but all the children, grow into their personal power under the firm, wise and very loving care of their Masters. HAP-KI! TANG-SOO!”





    “As a Law Enforcement Officer, self-defense is of utmost importance. Training at Aikido/Hapkido of Hendersonville has provided me with excellent tactical knowledge and skills that are necessary and applicable to my safety on a daily basis.

    Master Darren Norris, Aikido/Hapkido of Hendersonville, has been able to pull from his knowledge and experience the techniques most beneficial to me for officer safety and survival.

    I greatly appreciate Master Darren Norris’s dedication and passion for the arts of Aikido and Hapkido.”

    Law Enforcement Officer



    karate for kids in hendersonville

    Martial Arts classes for all ages

    Ethan & Ashley

    “After watching just two classes, I know two things: The instructors here are passionate about martial arts and they genuinely care about their students. I feel that they really want to help my child grow.

    They teach the skills and mechanics of martial arts in a joyful way so that their students enjoy the learning process with disciplined yet playful spirit.”

    Ethan and Ashley


    Hapkido of Hendersonville’s, Five Rings Self Defense 125 Etowah Center Drive, Etowah, NC 28729 of Etowah North Carolina Serving The Brevard, Fletcher, Hendersonville And Horse Shoe North Carolina Community Since 1993 Ph: 828-388-0635 Call Today!