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    Martial Arts Class in Etowah where Discipline is Ready

    Discipline is Ready

    Grand Master Darren Norris, Owner of Five Rings Self Defense in Etowah, NC

    As I mentioned in the previous report, the importance of good discipline is the topic we are now setting our focus upon.

    You now know that discipline is a principle that should guide all of us, including adults. It is not an understatement to say that good discipline empowers us to enjoy health and happiness.

    Working hard, doing our best, eating right and living well all require a healthy sense of self-discipline.

    The strategies we are discussing in these reports focus on instilling self-discipline in children, but they can easily be adapted to bringing about a healthier sense of self-discipline for adults, too.

    Two things are necessary to bring about better self-discipline and instill discipline in a child: A vision for success and enough time and patience to turn those improvements into a long-term reality.

    Having said this, it is important to make it clear that until a child has a solid sense of responsibility and discipline, it is a parent’s job to set goals and pave the pathway for their child.

    That doesn’t mean you need to be extra harsh or strict; it simply requires a goal for the future and the patient guidance to help them see it through.

    As martial artists, we set the goal of achieving a black belt for all of our students. For parents and students who make this a priority, we can make it happen.

    Darren Norris

    P.S. The very best way to see our LIFE LESSON strategies in action is for your child or family to experience them directly via our TRY US OUT program.

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