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    Learning Relevant Martial Arts in Etowah North Carolina

    We Make Learning Relevant

    Grand Master Darren Norris, Owner of Five Rings Self Defense in Etowah, NC

    Over the course of the past few months, I’ve outlined my school’s methods for motivating students, and offered tips for establishing routines and structure for children. I hope you’ve tried some of these techniques at home and found them to be as successful there as we find them to be.

    Next, I’d like to share with you how we approach real-life issues and make them relevant to children. We find that it helps children appreciate how these issues might affect them someday. As martial artists, we place high expectations on our students’ behavior and expect them to know how to conduct themselves in difficult situations.

    We believe that martial arts classes give us an opportunity to discuss with children the sometimes thorny issues that touch their lives – from safety and stranger awareness to peer pressure and dealing with bullies.

    That is the first important step: To recognize the opportunity. Parents wanting to discuss these issues with their children must make opportunities to do the same.

    Next, we discuss the issue with the children and provide them with solid guidelines on how to behave in the situation.

    Finally, to drive home the point, we do role-playing exercises.

    Try discussing these issues with children – these topics are perfect for heart-to-heart discussions in the car or at the dinner table. Here are just a few discussion starters:

    • “Let’s say I’m your friend and I just found a pack of cigarettes. I want you to come smoke with me. What would you do?”
    • “I’m the class bully and I just shoved you really hard. What should you do?”
    • “I’m a stranger in a car and am asking you to help me find my puppy. What now?”

    You’ll find that making time for these topics will make for fruitful discussions.


    Darren Norris

    P.S. The very best way to see our LIFE LESSON strategies in action
    is for your child or family to experience them directly via our
    TRY US OUT program.

    Hapkido of Hendersonville’s, Five Rings Self Defense
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    of Etowah North Carolina Serving The Brevard, Fletcher, Hendersonville And Horse Shoe North Carolina Community Since 1993

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