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    Kids Need Consistency

    Issue # 19 Consistency is Important for Kids

    Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve outlined my
    school’s methods for motivating students, and offered tips for
    establishing a positive, encouraging atmosphere for children.

    I hope you’ve tried some of these techniques at home and found
    them to be as successful there as we find them to be in our
    martial arts schools.

    Next, I’d like to share with you the proven method that we use
    to structure our lessons. We find that it helps quickly children
    settle into class and focus on the subject.

    It is very simply, the use of repetition and routine.

    When children come to martial arts class, after a long day at
    school, they know exactly what to expect: Class starts with a
    series of stretches, then moves into some drills. They know to
    expect this structure, and it helps them clear their mind and
    move into the more challenging portion of the lesson.

    By the time they are warmed up, they’re feeling confident –
    they’ve been doing what’s familiar and comfortable to them –
    and are ready to learn something new.

    The routines and structure we use in martial arts classes have
    been proven to help children focus – martial arts are commonly
    recommended for children with A.D.D. because of our solid
    structure and clearly stated expectations.

    To bring this principle into your home, why not rethink the
    routines you have with your children. Have you put into place
    structured routines for bedtime, chores and homework? These
    are perfect opportunities to bring order to your child’s day.

    Good Luck!


    Darren Norris

    P.S. The very best way to see our LIFE LESSON strategies in action
    is for your child or family to experience them directly via our
    TRY US OUT program.

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