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    How Martial Arts Teaches Children Discipline

    Discipline 101

    Grand Master Darren Norris, Owner of Five Rings Self Defense in Etowah, NC

    Welcome to the official website for our martial arts school in Etowah, North Carolina where we offer Tang Soo Do for children, Aikido and Hapkido for adults.

    In previous articles I’ve encouraged you to rethink your approach to discipline and consider the many benefits that come with improved self-discipline.

    Now you’re likely wondering how you can modify your parenting methods to bring about a change.

    In the last report I emphasized the importance of identifying goals and having both the vision and pathway to success.

    Here are some strategies to use at home:

    1. Have a consistent routine — if the child’s expectations are consistent, they have an easier time knowing automatically what needs to be done.

    2. Establish clear limits — and stick to your rules. Children who know they have a line they cannot cross are less likely to waste their time testing your limits.

    3. Offer guidance and praise — Help them along the way! Stay in communication with their teachers, for example, and work together to help your child be successful in school. And once in a while, splurge and reward your child for a job well done!

    4. Set a good example — Make sure you are modeling healthy self discipline. Particularly when it comes to self-discipline, your actions will speak louder than your words.

    These techniques are based upon the principles we practice in martial arts classes. Goals, routines and encouragement are ingrained in our curriculum — and so is discipline.

    Put these principles into practice and see the effects of good discipline. We do in our martial arts schools, every class and every day.


    Darren Norris

    P.S. The very best way to see our LIFE LESSON strategies in action is for your child or family to experience them directly via our TRY US OUT program.

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