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    Self Defense

    C.O.P.S. – Civilian Oriented Police System Courses 

    New Self-Defense course begins soon. To register call Grand Master Darren Norris at 828-388-0635

    Police academy self-defense

    We are the official North Carolina State Headquarters for the C.O.P.S. Program

    Learn the same self-defense techniques taught to Law Enforcement and Elite Military Units around the world in these exciting programs. All courses are  taught in a Police Academy style format for the best possible learning environment. Our North Carolina Director of Training is Darren Norris.

    Darren’s extensive martial arts training as well as his time training Police personnel who have experience dealing with real criminals have given him highly unique insights into the reality of self-defense and street effective real world Defensive Tactics.

    Darren trained in numerous Asian Martial Art systems earning multiple black belt ranks. After many years in the Asian arts Darren earn Master and Grand Master level rankings in five martial arts systems.

    He is a highly sought after instructor and has earned numerous awards and is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.



    Get your training here!

    1 Day C.O.P.S. Self-Defense Boot Camp: 

    One 6-hour Day Covers:

    • Basic & Intermediate Tactics
    • Escapes and Striking Training
    • Weak Point Training and Self-Defense
    • Hand to Hand Defensive Tactics
    • Knife and Gun Defensive Tactics
    • “A” Weapons Training

    1 Day Jr. C.O.P.S. Academy ages 5 to 12:

    One 5-hour Day

    •  “Circle Of Security” Instruction
    • Kidnapping Defense
    • Bully & Confidence Scenarios
    • Simulated 911 Calls
    • Written Exams

    10 Week C.O.P.S. Advanced Self-Defense Academy:

    Two 1Hr Nights A Week

    • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Tactics
    • Striking
    • Escapes
    • Edge Weapons
    • Firearm Defense
    • Real Life Scenarios
    • Combat Conditioning

    All C.O.P.S. Courses Include a certificate of training and credit toward a C.O.P.S. Instructors License.

    To register for any of the above listed courses call Grand Master Darren Norris at 828-388-0635

    C.O.P.S. North Carolina State Headquarters 125 Etowah Center Dr. Etowah, NC 28729